We have thought about a trip of 11days to allow you to discover in its entire aspects the M’goun massif and profit from each charm of the region, through human and cultural meetings. Cherry on the cake, the adventure will be mainly made on foot.

Your embarkation at the airport will announce the beginning of your adventure to the M’goun massif. Of course, we will be waiting for you there to lead you to your hotel or riad.

Day 2: Goodbye Marrakech, good morning Azib-n-Ikkis – 3hrs

Get yourself ready early in the morning, as we have 170kilometers to travel before getting to our first destination of the day: the commune of Ait Mhamed. We will afterwards take the route which leads to Tizi-n-Oughbar by crossing the valley of Ait Abbes to get to Tighza at 1800m. It is in that village that we will join the rest of the team. We will then leave the minibus which has helped us to transport the mules. Once the team ready, we will head off for Ait Said, a walk which lasts about 3hours. We will ascend to Azib n Ikkis 2300m which is about 500m of ascent. Camping

Day 3: 5hours of pedestrian walk to the plateau Tarkeddit – 5hrs

We will start the day at the first light of the sun. The mule-drivers will take the tents down so that we could start the ascent to the pass of Tarkeddit. We will go through the mountain of Aghouri with a highest elevation of 3500meters. It is really important to fill our bottles with water, since we will not meet any water spring for the four following hours. With a good rhythm, we will come out of the plateau of Tarkeddit at about 2p.m. It will be there that we will set our tents, for a rest that we deserve for the rest of the day. Camping at 2900m. Total of 1100m of ascent and 500m of descent.

Day 4: Ascending to the top of M’goun -9hrs

The forth day is a special milestone as it will be the day when we will climb the top of M’goun which is at about 4000meters high. Only the rush ones will be part of the trip, the others will definitely follow the mule-drivers who will skip that step. The way up will last several hours, but the landscape that you will discover once in the peak will not leave your memory for a good amount of time. The panorama will be staggering, from the oasis of Skoura to the valley of Dades. We will take some precautions while going down, as the track is sprinkled with fallen rocks. Our equipments will be waiting for us at the spring Oulilimt situated 2600meters down. In all, we would have done 9hours’ walk of which 5 hours of ascent. Which makes 1100m of ascent and descent (optional ascent).

Day 5: Descent to the spring of Ain Afelafal – 4hrs30

It is without any doubt the easiest step of our trip. However, it is as worthy as the others, as it allows to discover several landscapes and the local culture. In fact, there is a greater chance for us to meet transhumant nomads on our route. Living in the village of M’goun, these people do several kilometers to reach green pasture. As for our trip, we will cross the Oulilimt valley, in a rather wild and very calm scenery. We will leave our luggage in Tighremt n’Ait Ahmed, a historic and strategically economic place, as it was previously a collective garret. Camping at 2300m which is to say 300m of descent, lunch at the arrival, 4hrs30 of walk.

Day 6: A long walk to Tarzoute – 6hrs

In the morning of the sixth day, we will completely change the scenery by changing the wild calm of the valley Oulilimt to a more luxurious landscape. We will visit several villages (TALAT RIGHANE-MERABTINE-TICHKI-IGHREM IZEDERN-TAGHREFT-IMIN IRKT…) until the gorges of Achabou. We will rest at Trzoute. 6 hours’ walk for an overnight stay. 200m of descent.

Day 7: Departure from IminIrkt, arrival in Tiranimile- 5hrs30

The trip of the day is especially advised in spring. It will only be practicable if the level of the water allows it. For that, we must leave quite early so as to be able to cross the gorges before the rain falls down, from 1p.m. Passing through the water is a must, and so we must get ready for adequate shoes. Whatsoever, that will be done in a delighted scenery with pink laurels in the bank of the river. In case the floods do not allow following the default way, an alternative itinerary is already foreseen. We will set our tents in Tiranimine. 200m of descent.

Day 8: From Tiranimine to Alemdoune – 5hrs

As every good trekker, we will start the day early by taking the valley to the village of Auguerzaka. Then, we will take the way which leads to Alemdoune at 1600m where the landscape will slightly change with the forest of red juniper trees on the way. This trip will last around 5hours. Overnight stay which is 300m of ascent and 300m of descent.

Day 9: From Alemdoune to Hdida by going through the valley of Roses – 5hrs30

The nineth day will also bring its lot of discoveries with especially the splendid valley of Assif Quati and the one of Kasbahs. All the journey will be sprinkled with bushes and plants of all kind: pink laurels, walnut trees, almond trees… Then by Boutaghrar we will end our day in the beautiful valley of Roses. We will set our camping in Hdida at 1500m. In all, this journey would last 5hours and a half.

Day 10: coming back to Marrakech after Kelaat of M’gouna – 6hrs of route

The day before the end of the journey will still include 3hours’ walk, from Hdida in Tabarkhacht then Kelaa Mgouna. We will have lunch in Ouarzazate where we will take the minibus to go back to Marrakech. On the way back, about 300kilometers, you will still have the leisure to see again the pass of Tichka. You will spend the night in the hotel.

Day 11: Departure for the airport

We will pass to pick you up at your hotel few hours before the planned time with your airline company. You will certainly go back home with beautiful memories and anecdotes to tell to your friends about the Berber villages that you have kept close to.

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Below the price per person according to the number of participants.

4 pers
6 pers
8 pers
10 pers
685€ / pers
555€ / pers
495€ / pers
455€ / pers

Single extra charge in Marrakech: 15euros / person / night

Included in this price

• 2 nights in Marrakech in a hotel or riad in BB in double or twin room in middle range.
• 1 night lodging or camping
• 1 night lodging in Boutaghrar or night under tent.
• 6 overnight stays under tent.
• Full board from day 2 to day 9 (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
• Lunch for day 10 on the way in a local restaurant
• Mountain tour guide
• Cook who prepares your meals.
• Camels to transport your luggage.
• Airport transfers
• Transfer day 2 and transfer back day 10.
• Tent, kitchen tent, mattress, camping equipment.

Not included in the price

• Extras
• Tips
• Sleeping bag
• Mineral water
• Mule for the clients


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