The eight days of camel ride discovering the dunes of Cheggaga are intended for experienced hikers. Under a blazing sun and heady warmth, you will discover the wonders of the nature: endless golden sand, precious oasis, without mentioning casual acquaintances and friendship that you will tie.

Before all, please note that we will entirely be in charge of you from the day you get to the airport. A car will be at your disposal to take you to your hotel, the airport being 5kilometers from the city center. En route for the dunes of Cheggaga.

Day 2: To the dunes of Cheggaga – 3hrs

To reach the dunes of Cheggaga before nightfall, we must leave Marrakech very early. The departure will then be at 7o’clock, right after the breakfast. The minibus will take the direction of the pass of Tichka to afterwards undertake a descent to the south versant. Meanwhile, we must follow the direction of Zaouiat Sidi Abdenbi, then plateau of the lake of Iriki where we can spend the night if we get there late. That will depend on our departure from Marrakech to the mouth that leads us to the dunes of Cheggaga.

Day 3: En route to the dunes of Bouguern – 5hrs30

The third day will start by stiking the tents and the equipments that we will confide afterwards to the camel caravan. We will decamp from the dunes of Cheggaga to the big dunes of Bouguern. Lunch break will be under the shade of tamarisk, around noon. The trip will take about 5h30 of walk, which will allow us to appreciate the exceptional sunset once in the dunes of Bouguern.

Day 4: From the dunes of Bouguern to Oued Naam – 5hrs30

Crossing the dunes of Bouguern will start at 8 in the morning. We will maintain the same speed as our dromedaries. Around noon, we will break under the shade of the nearest tamarisks; before starting the last kilometers of tracks of dunes. We will join the large plateau where we will certainly meet flocks of nomads and wild dromedaries. The journey of the day will end on the side of oued Naam.

Day 5: from the dunes of Oued Naam to the dunes of Regabi – 5h30

We will step aside the dunes of Oued Naam for few hours of walk to go across the large plateau which leads to the village of Mhamid. We will go over the palm grove situated at the end of the village to take the direction of the dunes of Oulad Driss. We will leave our luggage in the dunes of Regabi for a very well deserved night. The trip will take us around 5h30 of walk.

Day 6: En route to the valley of Draa – 6hrs

Waking up in the dunes of Regabi has its merits. It will then be with a magnificent sunrise that we will load our luggage on the back of the dromedaries to put an end to the dunes. We will get after few hours to the mouth of Oued Draa. Lunch break will be at noon, after going around the mountain of Tidiri. After 6hours’ walk, the tour of the day ends in the oasis of Zaouiat Sidi Saleh where we will set the tents for the night.

Day 7: In road for Marrakech

Coming back to Marrakech will be done by car. Our transport will wait for us in the valley of Draa direction Zagora, more known as the door of the desert. The landscape will be more alive with the large fortified villages or ksars continuing to Agdz. We will not miss either miss the splendid view that we have on the M’goun from the pass Ait Saouna. In all, we will have done 400kilometers of route, for 8hours of trip, to the capital city.

Day 8: Visit of Marrakech and departure – 8hrs

If you are lucky enough and your flight is planned for the afternoon, you will still have all the leisure to make some discoveries in the capital city, especially the Jemaa El-Fna place, to the nearest market to your hotel.

We will be taking you from the hotel to bring you to the airport, hoping that your stay would have been a great moment of your life, with imperishable remembrances and that it gives you the desire to come back again.

Reservation on line

Below the price per person according to the number of participants.

4 pers
6 pers
8 pers
10 pers
650€ / pers
550€ / pers
500€ / pers
465€ / pers

Single extra charge in Marrakech: 15euros / person / night

Included in this price

• 2 nights in Marrakech in a hotel or riad in middle range in BB in double or twin room.
• 5 overnights under tents.
• Full board from day 2 to day 6 (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
• Lunch for day 7 on the way in a local restaurant
• Tour guide
• Cook who prepares your meals.
• Camels
• Airport transfers
• Transfer day 2 and transfer back day 7.
• Kitchen tent, mattress, camping equipment.

Not included in the price

• Extras
• Tips
• Sleeping bag
• Mineral water


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